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Snail Mail - Send some love in the post

What even is Snail Mail?

The term snail mail refers to sending a letter or package to someone through the post system. I know, ancient right? But there is a certain sentiment and nostalgia associated with the sending and receiving of snail mail - a sort of self satisfaction. There’s no denying that receiving something in the mail (that’s not an electricity or water bill) gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Fast facts about snail mail!

  • People used to have to sew their stamps onto their letters! Luckily all we need to do is place it in the top right corner!

  • In 1863, mail began being delivered to personal mailboxes and doorsteps; prior to this, packages had to be picked up from the post office.

  • You can actually mail a coconut, a potato, a pillow, a fully inflated beach ball, a flip flop, and so many other random things with no packaging needed. Just slap an address and a stamp on there and it’s good to go.

Snail mail sounds too slow?

MBarnettDesigns is making Snail Mail easier and more efficient for you.

We are now offering custom hand written messages inside our greeting cards, this means that they are ready to send directly to your loved ones! We’ve cut out the middleman for your benefit, if you choose to. You can now give us the address of whoever your gift is for and we can send it straight to their door. This is not only efficient time wise, but it saves a lot of resources. A simple change that makes a big difference.

How do I create a custom message?

It’s really quite simple:

  1. Write your custom message and include the recipient's address at the end - this will become available once you’ve clicked on a card you’d like to purchase.

  2. If you’d like to buy more than one of the same card and write different messages in each of them, that’s no problem at all, just write your custom messages with separate addresses, or broken up with commas.

  3. Add to your cart and purchase the card! Then your custom cards will get sent straight to the address/addresses provided!

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