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Be A Boss At Your First Market Stalll

Are you only just entering into the world of market stalls!? Or have a stall and have no idea how to get better? Well listen up!

It took me a while to get set up for my first market. I would scroll through Instagram and see all the other makers with their beautiful displays, I thought "Ill never get there" But! One day I said "Screw It" and I Booked a stall. With $700 worth of stock and after spending around $100 on my display I had myself a Stall at Kirribilli Markets in Sydney.

Fast forward 2 years and I have made many changes to my stall set up. As my product range grew and changed my display had to evolve. Making sure your products are easy to see and are accessible to people who might like to pick up and get a better look is a good place to start.


Top 5 Tips for your first market

1 Have your social media e.g. Instagram, Facebook and a website or online store Set up before you go! They need to be able to find you after the market.

2 Have something about your stall design that differentiates you and makes you stand out. This might be a colour scheme or some props for decoration. I keep my stall looking bright and colourful with white and wooden display stands.

3 Set up your market at home in full. Absolutely everything including your $kitty$ and EFTPOS system. This will help you find kinks in your display or processing system. Do you have enough notes and coins to give change? are all the items clearly listed in your POS system and easy to find.

4 Have your items on the stall accessible! People love to pick up items to see them from all angles, feel the weight and the texture of your products. Make it easy for people to do so.

5 Ok most important!! When you are behind your stall, Be present. You are selling YOU not just your product! Greet people as they arrive let them know you have seen them. If they are happy to chat have a chat! Tell them more information about your products and your stall and you. If they don't want to chat, thats okay too! let them browse happily.

Now its your turn. Get out there and Ace your next market.

Don't forget to check my home page for my next market dates and come have a chat!

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