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Sydney Street Art: My Newtown Tour

In the CBD of Sydney street art is few and far between so its easy to forget and never even know it exists. So last weekend I ventured into the hub Sydney's street art hub, Newtown.


Born in the UK as Steven Nuttal, artist Ox King left the rainy weather behind for the bright and sunny Australian city of Sydney. His work mixes the boundaries between fantasy and reality using bright complimentary colours which really make a splash.

His commission at 186 Australia Street can be seen from the Camperdown Memorial Rest Park and actually runs along one of the walls of a newly renovated character cottage. If you look closely you can see the wall and windows from the cottage within the artwork.

Promise is the title of the next mural painted by Ox King and can be found on Lennox St on the back wall of a car park. Painted in 2016 the colours have faded slightly hiding the vibrance of the once bright orange flowers, the mural is amazing nonetheless.


A huge mural can be found at 43 Bedford Street by artist Jumboist aka Studio Dennis. The mural covers the outside of the Becher House for Assylum Seekers with art symbolic of his main themes future living, bio-domes and animal behaviour.


Magee is an Australian artist living in Sydney and has completed many murals not only throughout Sydney and also the world. He uses his talent of art to give voice to issues such as climate change and immigration. I saw two of Magee's street artworks, "The Clean Up" in Newtown on the corner of Albermarle and Chelmsford St and also "Unamed" at 13 Bowden Street Alexandria which we actually stumbled upon, unplanned, on our way into Newtown.

Newtown Isn't the only area with street art in Sydney so stay tuned for my next street art adventure!

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