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Ahead of the Game: Creative Trends for 2018

I had a sneak peak into my crystal ball and I have a few predictions for 2018.

Hair Sliders

So with the recent takeoff of Enamel Pins I am predicting a new trend to follow suit. Bobbi pins or sliders with the same enamel badge! I have seen a few makers around on instagram reppin these gorgeous accessories.

Tuesday Bassen, Crown and Glory, Studio Supercute

Picture: Tuesday Bassen and "Oral Fixation" Babbi Pin Set

Crazy Socks

Ok we all know about crazy socks but who even gets to see our crazy socks when they are inside your shoes. SOLUTION? bringing back socks and sandals! Slides and heels are also going to be in the mix!

I have been getting my socks from Blue Q but also Happy Socks are super popular.

Modern Calligraphy

People are loving this new style of handwriting and its going to continue! Having someone local who can supply these kinds of things reduces costs and shipping time for consumers. Things like writing wedding vows, bible verses and favourite quotes will be popular.

Some of My faves : Hazels Lettering, Letters By Shells and Chrystal Elizabeth.

Picture: Letters By Shells Modern Calligraphy Print

Pin Game Strong

Pin popularity will continue to rise as mainstream stores catch on to the trend. So buy up now from all the little guys and be cool before anybody even realises!

My Faves include: Natelledrawsstuff, Old English Company, Stay Home Club, Amy Blue Illustration, Katy Pillinger Designs.

Picture: Katy Pillinger Designs Succulent Gift Set

Embroidered Collars

There are so many new embroidery focused makers popping their heads out and a new trend to emerge from this is embroidered collars. These can be found in the form of a detachable collar that you can wear just like a necklace.

Collar Me Pretty is my fave at the moment!

Picture: Cat Shaped Detachable Embroidered Collar by Collar Me Pretty Co.

Stay tuned for more creative trend predictions as I warm up my crystal ball for my next round!

Hope you Enjoyed my post!

Mady Barnett


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