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5 Reasons To Give Totes A Go

Tote bags can be more than just eco-friendly, they can be a fashion statement

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you’ve noticed that Australia is now mostly free from single use plastic bags. Supermarket juggernauts Coles and Woolworths banned plastic bags quite a few months ago and people lost their marbles. For some it was hard to say goodbye to their dwindling stockpile of plastic bags tucked away in the kitchen draw for garbage. But for those that actually cared about the environment, they were like “Fuck yes, finally”. Just in case you aren’t 100% on board with re-useable bags here are five reasons you should consider a tote bag instead of a plastic bag.

1. They are versatile. Roll them up, use them for groceries, lug your books or laptop around, really anything. The beauty of tote bags is that you don’t have to pigeon hole them into being just a grocery bag or work bag, they can be used for anything and everything. Spontaneously bought a succulent at a market and don’t want to carry it under your arm all day? No worries, because your tote can handle some succulent love.

2. So. Much. Sturdier. Remember when you used to put anything weighing more than 400 grams in those plastic bags from the supermarket and the handle would snap on the way home? Or, even worse, the milk decided to tear a hole in the bottom of the bag and suddenly all your shopping is laid out for the world to see? Yup, you won’t have to worry about that with your tote because they are made to last. Totes are basically a hoarder’s dream, you can shove your make up bag, spare snacks, maybe even a 2-litre carton of milk! Go wild. Be bold, your tote can handle it.

3. They are better for the environment. Obviously, re-using a cotton bag rather than accumulating a small mountain of flimsy plastic bags is going to create less waste. Less plastic bags ending up in the mouths of turtles and in landfill. Tote bags also mean you don’t have to keep buying new handbags, they become your go-to bag for everyday life, which in turn means your consuming less which is always a good thing.

4. It’s easy activism. You don’t have to scream “Save the Oceans!” to get your points across, just let our Totally Judging You tote do it for you. They are great conversation starters and an easy way for you to talk to people about something you care about without coming across too strongly. Also, you’ll notice a certain solidarity between you and your tote wearing sisters.

5. They can become an accessory. Depending on whether you opt for a statement tote or a classic one (or both!) it can dictate the rest of your outfit. Since they are so versatile totes tend to go with just about any outfit, feeling like giving off boho vibes? Why not pair your Planet B tote with a denim skirt, ankle boots and a paisley blouse. Of course, the more totes you add to your collection the more styling options you’ll have!

Check out our eco-friendly tote bags here and feel good knowing that you’re having a positive impact on our planet.

Check out the MBarnett Designs range of tote bags to start your collection now!

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